How ResumeSort Works?




Review, select, and interview candidates Our advanced candidate selection and screening system will score, sort and rank candidates.  You can the evaluate individual candidate's resumes by looking at their ResumeSort Report(TM).  ResumeSort Report provides a highlighted and annotated report where you can:
  1. Find the candidate's qualifications, including when and how long they performed each task
  2. Read the job posting sentences, or other sources that the key phrases came from.
  3. Jump directly to the qualifications mentioned without having to read the entire resume.
  4. Comment about the candidate and share them with your colleagues.
  5. See which qualifications and attributes are missing, and how important you have ranked them.
  6. Identify questions for interviews to validate strengths and qualify weaknesses
  7. Take notes during the (phone) interview.
  8. Ask your colleagues or outside experts to review and comment on the resume.
  9. Review all the comments and suggestions about the particular candidate including interview notes.
  10. Download the ResumeSort Report or forward it to your colleagues and decision makers.
ResumeSort Report -- RSR -- never select a candidate without it!
Select and prioritize job requirements Prioritize qualifications and requirements on custom 3 or 5 point scale.  You can even tag phrases, allowing you to know which resumes have used the tagged words.  You can add your own phrases, or you can selected phrases that the system has suggested from:
  1. The job posting
  2. The Resumes (including the Universities and Companies list)
  3. Job category (these are the key phrases used by others in their job posting)
  4. Templates you have already saved.
The system will also show you equivalent and related phrases for those you selected.  The system uses these in its contextual search when appropriate and ensures that the best candidates are not lost because of variation in terminology or grammar.  You can modify and personalize this list to your needs, and always get your changes back. Like to invite friends to select key phrases?  You can assign this task to others, or you can have your colleagues to participate independently after you are finished with your ranking.  Our Social Collective Intelligence(TM) or SCI module will take everyone's independent inputs in to account, and finds you the best candidate based on the wisdom of the crowd. Like to save your searches?  No problem!  You can save your searches as templates, modify and reuse them later. The system will also learn and get better over time, personalizing its searches to you.
Upload job description In addition to your own phrases, ResumeSort will suggest key phrases from the job posting  for you to evaluate and rank.  It will also suggest  equivalent or related phrases for the ones you select. Don't think the job description is adequate?  No problem!  The system will suggest phrases based on the job type. Would you like your team members to individually select their criteria?  No problem! Our Social Collective Intelligent(TM) module allows you to get help using the Wisdom of the Crowd -- or colleagues :-)
Would you like to use your  previous searches?  No problem again!  You can save your searches as templates, use them and even modify them.
Upload resumes
Just drag and drop the resumes you like ranked onto the site.  We support doc, docx, odt, rtf, pdf, and text.  You can even zip the files and upload them all at once.
Still receiving resumes?  No problem.  We will assign a email to your requisition, and you can forward your resumes and cover letters to us.